What an exciting time to be dealing with CryptoCurrencies right now. I got involved back at the beginning of April. Since then I’m up 350%, wow let me say that again 350%.  If you had $100 back in April, it would be worth $450 today if you took the path I did.
While most of what I’ve done has been with Bitcoin I’ve also had some success with Ripple, Litecoin, Reddcoin, Pink, Feathercoin, and Ether.


I lot of people I’ve spoken with thinking it’s too late to get in the game. I’m here to tell you that it is never too late. As a matter of fact now is a perfect time to get into Project Ethereum. What is Project Ethereum you might ask?  Project Ethereum is a few things

Choice Humanitarian

Project Ethereum has teamed up with Choice Humanitarian. Choice Humanitarian has been working since 1983 to eliminate extreme poverty through missionary expeditions. From Choice Humanitarian’s website

Expeditions are a rare opportunity for solo travelers, families, friends, and entire organizations to step out of their comfort zone and support one of our community managed projects abroad. Trips are equal parts adventure, education, and humanitarian service.

 A percentage of Project Ethereum’s top corporate spot will be donated to expeditions via Choice Humanitarian.

Crypto University

Joining Project Ethereum gives you access to the Crypto University. Here are some of the things that you will learn

  • Understand all crypto currencies

  • Understand mining options/processes

  • How/why to purchase, sell, hold currencies

  • Crypto currency wallet types (setup/usage)

  • Full understanding of the blockchain (transaction ID’s)

  • Full understanding of usage and creation of smart contracts

  • How to use currency exchanges and various types of technical data

Membership also includes

The cost to join Project Ethereum is a monthly $90 donation (paid in Ethereum). You get all the things mentioned above along with the ability to earn

  • No qualifiers

  • Forced Matrix

  • Automated upgrading

  • Complete team building concept

  • Up to 510 direct donations to you, per month

  • Start receiving donations with just one person in your organization

  • Receive real information via Crypto University (Social Media Hub)

  • Opportunity to work with Choice Humanitarian, including joining on actual expeditions!

Join today by following this link Project Ethereum

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