Back in April, I started a journey into cryptocurrencies. Talk about a thrilling time to get into crypto.  I got in when 1 Bitcoin was selling for $1100. I saw Bitcoin rise all the way to a little over $2700. There has been a correction and now Bitcoin is sitting around $2100.

During my journey, I’ve discovered a slew of other coins. I read one account that there are over 700 different coins. For instance, you have reddcoin which is the social media coin all the way to gridcoin which aids Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) with distributed computing solve the world’s problems. Then you have dash, which may become the coin to help out “Marijuana Dispensaries” which has the issue of banks unwilling to do business with them.

Along the way, I’ve seen terms such as mining, smart contracts, hash power,  and blockchain. What are these terms and what do they mean? Well, there is soon to be a great place to learn about this with Project Ethereum

Project Ethereum

PE is a multi level marketing program that will be launched on June 1, 2017.  The product that is being sold is the Crypto University. Your $90 monthly donation will give you access to all the training available in the Crypto University.  You will learn about all types of crypto currencies . You will learn about mining and the usage and creation of smart contracts. You will learn about the blockchain as well as the different exchanges that you can trade crypto currencies on.

Not only does Project Ethereum have a product, there is an associated cause. Project Ethereum will be helping people help people through Choice Humanitarian. A percentage of monthly donations will be donated to Choice Humanitarian which funds expeditions to eliminate poverty around the world.

In regards to the $90 monthly donation. Project Ethereum is a MLM company using a 2 x 8 forced matrix. This means that while recruiting people will build your team faster, spillover from your upline will fill in spots below you. That being said if recruiting is not for you, you don’t have to do it.  Your $90 donation goes to your sponsor. If you have one person below you, their $90 donation goes to you. This continues to grow as the more people you have below you. The best part of Project Ethereum is that it has an auto upgrade feature which is optional. This feature will upgrade you levels automatically once you meet the requirements.

After talking to people about Project Ethereum I get this statement a lot ” Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?”  It is too bad that some bad people have taken advantage of others with schemes.  The key things when looking at a mlm are the things that keep a company legit.

  • Do you know who is running the company?
    • I was on a conference call with John Johnson. He is the founder of Project Ethereum
  • Does the company have a product?
    • The product is the Crypto University
  • Does it have a cause?
    • Project Ethereum is donating a percentage of funds to Choice Humanitarian
  • Can you reach corporate?
    • This to me is important. I’m involved with another company that you can not reach at all. With Project Ethereum there has been regular conference calls with the founders which have Q&A sessions. The back office also has a contact us section where you can communicate with corp.

The launch is 3 days from now on June 1st, 2017.  I’m excited to be getting into this early and can not wait to see how this progresses. Crypto Currency is hopping right now, it reminds me of penny stocks back in the 90’s.

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