Google Authenticator

I highly recommend using 2 phase authentication on everything that you can. This helps in keeping hackers out and doing something such as changing your receive key to point to their own wallet. Below are steps to do so with Gladiacoin.

  • Download google authenticator from the app store
  • Log into your account to setup the two step authentication feature
  • From the security link on the left side, click on enable two step. If you don’t see the word enable, it means that it is already enabled
  • Once you click on that link a popup window will appear with QR code specifically for you
  • Open Google Authenticator and click on the plus sign. Choose “scan barcode” from the bottom and scan that QR code from your computer
  • This will add your account to authenticator
  • Once you add it, type in the 6 digits provided from the authenticator app and fill in the space on below the QR code and submit. This will enable it and nothing else is needed.

Any time a change is requested to be made on your accounts such as your email address or BTC wallet address, you will need to provide a 6 digit code from the authenticator. Authenticator codes are only good for 30 seconds. If you notice that the pie chart from the app is ready near the end, wait for the next number.

As always if you have any issues feel free to contact me.