Two or Three weeks ago I had a friend post on Facebook about doubling your BitCoin every 90 days. I was very skeptical about this statement, I had a hard time believing that this could be for real. After the third or so post I saw on this topic I decided to request more information.  With the provided info in hand, I still had some doubt but decide to give it a shot. I figured I’d buy in at a small level where I don’t have a lot to lose. I will write about my experience to this point which is 10 days in. As things progress I will continue to update this website with more info.

At the simplest level, here is how it works. You sign up by buying into a package. You have a choice of 7 packages starting at the minimum of a .05 bitcoin package all the way up to a 4 bitcoin package. A thing to note is the .05 level is the only package that will not double in 90 days. You need to get in at the .10 bitcoin package at a minimum to get the double in 90 days deal. This is the package I decided to go with.

You need to have a sponsor to sign up. Your sponsor will provide you with a referral link to follow to sign up and answer any questions you may have.  To sign up you need to provide your full name, email address, password and login name. At this point, you also choose which plan you will be buying in at. In my case, I decided to be conservative and went with the .10 bitcoin plan. When I bought in the value of 1 bitcoin was a little over $1100. My initial buy in cost me roughly $115 for this .10 bitcoin interest.

The first challenge I ran up across is where to buy bitcoin. Remember, you are investing bitcoin so you need to buy in with bitcoin. My sponsor invited me to a private FB group page with a bunch of team members that help out with information and such. One of the recommendations was to use blockchain wallet to manage your bitcoins. I set up a blockchain account only to find out that you could not purchase bitcoin through them. You can buy bitcoin elsewhere and have it deposited into your blockchain wallet. They say purchasing is a feature that will be coming in the future. I went to my FB group and found that one of the members sells bitcoins. I messaged him with what I was looking for. I did not get a response right away. I’m the type of person that once I make a decision to do something, I want it done yesterday. So I started searching the Internet for a place to buy bitcoin.

The company I found is Coinbase. You can buy and sell bitcoin with Coinbase and they have a nice phone app. Another feature I like is you can get a Visa Shift card that acts as a Visa card pulling funds from your bitcoin wallet. There seems to be a lot of regulations around these companies.  For instant purchase of bitcoin’s, you can link a credit/debit card. Once you link your card they will make two small charges which you need to enter into their app to verify your card. This allows you to buy $100 minus the transaction fee worth of bitcoin per week. When you upload some identification such as a license or passport they up your limit to $300. Through time as you make regular purchases your limit will increase. For larger purchases, you can do ACH transfers from your checking account. These are not instant though and take up to 8 days.  They put in these time limits to try to prevent money laundering. After an hour or so I finally got my .10 bitcoin and opened up my investment account.

The way this works is you invest for 90 days. Each day you get 2.2% return on your investment. So in my case at the .10 level each day I get .00222222 bitcoin credited to my account. Once your balance reaches .03 bitcoin the money will be transferred to your bitcoin wallet. The sweet spot I guess would be at the 2 bitcoin level. This would have a transfer to your bitcoin wallet every day.  You don’t need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your bitcoin grow. Bitcoin is up and down all day long. This automated system uses an algorithm to buy low and sell high. This is how they generate the funds to double your bitcoin. This system is based in Singapore. So every day at noon EST the daily transactions are processed. At about 12:10 pm I’m able to go in and see my 2.2% return.

As I learn more about this system I’m becoming more impressed. I originally bought in at .10 bitcoin, though I upgraded to .30 bitcoin. You can upgrade your account at any time by paying the difference of the level you are at to the level you want to upgrade to. At .30 bitcoin my 2.2% is returning .00666666 a day. I’ve initiated an ACH transfer of funds to buy more bitcoin so I can upgrade to a .50 interest. At .50 I will be getting .0111111 bitcoin return every day. Once your bitcoin doubles, you have 24 hours to roll it into another 90-day contract. You are only required to buy in at the same level that you double. For instance, if I stay at .50 bitcoin when it doubles to a whole bitcoin I will need to buy in at .50 again.

Now it’s time to sit back and watch my bitcoin grow. One thing I try to do is to not call bitcoin cash. I really didn’t talk much about the value of a bitcoin. As far as this investment is concerned you double your bitcoin every 90 days regardless of what the value of bitcoin is. The cash value of bitcoin only really comes into play when you buy bitcoin or when you sell bitcoin.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest in investing in bitcoin. I have a couple of videos I can send you and when you are ready to take the plunge I can send you a referral.

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