While my intent in playing with Bitcoin is investing, an interesting question came up. Where can you spend your Bitcoin? There are some online stores like NewEgg and TigerDirect that accept it. I even saw that Dish Network will allow you to pay with Bitcoin. But what if you want more than that? It’s easier than I thought it would be.

The warm weather is coming and I needed a new pair of slides. I have a wide foot and always found that finding a sandal/slide that fits well has been a challenge. In the past, I had a pair of Columbia that fit great but I wore out the pair that I have. I haven’t been able to find the same model. I also had a pair of Croc slides that were great until they wore out. I was able to find the classic slide online and decided to buy them using Bitcoin.

The Crocs website doesn’t take Bitcoin for payment though. They do take Visa, which most places do. How does that help? Well, you can get what is called a Visa Shift Card. It is not available in all states, for example, New York is a state that it is not allowed due to legal and regulatory matters. For a $10 fee, they will mail you a Visa debit card that will be linked to your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet. When you use the card, the transaction takes place against the Bitcoins you have in your wallet.

This is great! In my opinion, the biggest problem with Bitcoin is the ease of use. I’m waiting for the day that someone like my mother who is not technically inclined can purchase Bitcoin and make purchases with Bitcoin. This definitely covers the making purchases with Bitcoin easy. When buying Bitcoin becomes as simple as depositing a check in the bank, you will see more widespread use.

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