Planning out the mods I want to make on my Jeep. I’ve decided that while I love a hardtop for the winter, it is too much trouble removing off and on in the Summer. A couple of weeks ago when I was picking Ashley up from work I saw a JKU with a top that I loved. It was sort of a bimini top with a dust cover over the back. I was completely enclosed so the cab part of the Jeep doesn’t get wet. They were leaving as I was pulling in so did not have much time to see it.

I started on a quest to find this top. I thought it would be an easy task but turns out most bimini top makers must think it never rains.  I lucked out today and happen to stumble across the top that I want on one of the Jeep forums. It is made by Offroad Heros and the model I want is called a cargo top. Here is a picture of it that I found on the web to give you an idea of what the back end looks like. This will probably be my next purchase.

Next will be a set of bigger tires. I’m running with stock 32’s right now. I want to put on some 35’s, specifically Goodyear Duratrac’s. I had them on my 07 Jeep and loved them.  I’m still doing research but some claim that I can run 35’s without lifting the Jeep if I make room with the fender flares and use wheel spacers. The ones I’m interested are called Bushwackers pictured below. It looks like a pretty straight forward install. I think removing the original fenders will be the challenge. I also like the looks of these fender liners. My Jeep is a 75th-anniversary edition and I love the rims it came with. My plan is to keep them stock if possible.


I’ve already added JW speaker LED tail lights. I want new headlights as well, Jeeps have horrible headlights. I’ve been hesitant with purchasing LED headlights because of problems I’ve heard about them icing up due to lack of heat. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and move forward with a purchase soon though. Some models of the 2017 wrangler come with LED lights. I’m told they will work on my 2016 as well. This is probably what I will end up with. I really want a halo light but don’t like any of them out on the market. I’ve been waiting to see if someone has modified these new Jeep lights to add a halo led ring. That would be my idea light if it can be done.

I think for now that is all on my wish list. I’m sure it will change as time goes on. I don’t have any plans to be going offroad, but as my Jeep gets older maybe I’ll catch the wheeling bug and start beefing it up for that purpose. For now, I’ll be happy using it as a mall crawler.

I figure I need about $5000 for the stuff I mentioned above, better start doubling some bitcoin.

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